MRG will support four key actions to generate this community of researchers

  • Public lectures
  • Fieldtrip
  • Seminar – the ‘future of Ireland’s Uplands’
  • Networking and promotion

Public Lecture Series (Spring 2022)

Lectures will be held at 7pm on the following dates, with a Zoom link made available shortly.

Margaret Jackson 8 March 2022: Maggie Jackson (Trinty College Dublin). Dr Jackson is glaciologist working on climate change.
Seth Campbell 29 March 2022: Seth Campbell (Univ Maine, USA). Dr Campbell is a glaciologist with interests in ice cores, alpine education, climate activism.
Ros Bryce 5 April 2022: Ros Bryce (Perth UHI, Scotland). Dr Bryce is Director, Centre for Mountain Studies with a background in ecology and interests in the social dimensions of upland land use.
Eugene Costello 19 April 2022: Eugene Costello (UCC/Univ Stockholm). Dr Costello is an archaeologist and historian of upland rural landscapes.
3 May 2022: Sarah Speck (affiliated researcher GIUZ UZH, Zurich) is a human geographer with interests in ageing and migration in countries of the Global South, with a focus on the Hill Region of Nepal.
Jonathan Westaway 17 May 2022:Jonathan Westaway (University Central Lancashire, England). Dr Westaway a historian of mountaineering, mountain environments and imperial cultures of exploration.


An interdisciplinary field trip for the public in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains will take place in Summer 2022. The fieldtrip will have a virtual and long term component.


A one day stakeholders forum: ‘A Future for Ireland’s Mountains’ with representation agreed from Irish Uplands Forum and Mountaineering Ireland. Autumn 2022.