MRG will support four key actions to generate this community of researchers

  • Public lectures
  • Fieldtrip
  • Seminar – the ‘future of Ireland’s Uplands’
  • Networking and promotion

Public Lecture Series (Spring 2022)

Lectures will be held at 7pm on the following dates, with a Zoom link made available shortly.

Margaret Jackson 8 March 2022: Maggie Jackson (Trinty College Dublin). Dr Jackson is glaciologist working on climate change.
Seth Campbell 29 March 2022: Seth Campbell (Univ Maine, USA). Dr Campbell is a glaciologist with interests in ice cores, alpine education, climate activism.
Ros Bryce 5 April 2022: Ros Bryce (Perth UHI, Scotland). Dr Bryce is Director, Centre for Mountain Studies with a background in ecology and interests in the social dimensions of upland land use.
Eugene Costello 19 April 2022: Eugene Costello (UCC/Univ Stockholm). Dr Costello is an archaeologist and historian of upland rural landscapes.
3 May 2022: Sarah Speck (affiliated researcher GIUZ UZH, Zurich) is a human geographer with interests in ageing and migration in countries of the Global South, with a focus on the Hill Region of Nepal.
Jonathan Westaway 17 May 2022:Jonathan Westaway (University Central Lancashire, England). Dr Westaway a historian of mountaineering, mountain environments and imperial cultures of exploration.


An interdisciplinary field trip for the public in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains will take place in Summer 2022. The fieldtrip will have a virtual and long term component.


A Future for Ireland’s Mountains


The UCD Mountain Research Group (UCDMRG) would like to announce a one-day stakeholders forum: ‘A Future for Ireland’s Mountains’ and an accompanying field trip, which will be held at UCD on October 14th and 15th, respectively. 

A Future for Ireland’s Mountains will seek to bring together researchers and stakeholders, to encourage interdisciplinarity and cross-sectoral dialogue on pressing topics surrounding mountain landscapes and attendant policy decisions at the national level. This will include representation from the Irish Uplands Forum and Mountaineering Ireland, whom we already engaged in discussion with.

In addition to the one-day forum, we will also hold an excursion to view the mountain landscape with an interdisciplinary perspective. This time spent physically present in a mountain landscape will afford the opportunity for more informal discussions regarding pressing issues in the management, use and preservation of mountain landscapes.

Sign Up Details

To sign up for the event, register through our Eventbrite page. Tickets are free but limited. Sign up immediately!

Additional information will be forthcoming on the UCD MRG website as well as on Twitter @MountainResear1 and Instagram @ucdmrg.

If you are interested in receiving updates about the forum and field trip, please email to be added to our mailing list. 

Event Logistics

Public Forum: Friday, October 14th

Venue: Room A003, UCD Health Sciences Building

Timing: 11am-4pm, Fri 14th. 

Car Parking: paid parking is available at UCD, but places may be limited: see UCD Estate Services Hourly Paid Parking

Lunch: Lunch will be in ‘Zone 5’ of O’Brien (outside of Pi). Lunch is provided!

Field Trip: Saturday, October 15th

Venue: Meet at Ticknock parking lot

Timing: 10am-4pm. Meet at Ticknock parking lot

Car Parking: Parking is free in the Ticknock parking lot. Please use the car park facilties provided and do not block local resident’s access along the public road.